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Command not found!

Reading Time: 2 minutes So you’re running through some instructions to configure software on your system, or troubleshoot some problem with a service and you see an error at the command line that says “command not found”. Here is how to locate the packages you need to install in order to use commands that are not available on your […]

Linux Troubleshooting

What to do when df and du report different usage.

Reading Time: 2 minutes You may occasionally come across an issue where running df will produce output that disagree’s with the output of the du command. If you aren’t familiar with these two commands do see my post about filesystem and directory size. The reason for the difference in reported size is that df does not differentiate between files that are open in memory but have […]


Troubleshooting – resolve the issue

Reading Time: 3 minutes Don’t be a hack, follow best practices to ensure a timely and complete incident resolution.