How to RTFM (Read the *#&@ Manual)

Finding help with Linux

If you hang out in enough Linux forums asking questions sooner or later someone will tell you to read the manual (presumably they think this will help you). Fortunately, over the last few years “rtfm” has ceased being the default answer to questions from new users. All things considered the Linux world has become more user friendly, even if the man pages haven’t.

One of the things that will allow you to separate yourself from new and even some intermediate users is knowing where to find the help you need on your own, knowing how to read the information you find, and then being able to apply that information. Plus, if you plan to take any Linux exams you will need to know how to find and read man pages. There is simply no way that most of us can memorize all of the command and configuration options you need to pass a Red Hat or Linux Foundation exam.

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