Passwordless login with SSH Keygen

What is a rsa key?

key chain

RSA keys are a public key encryption method that keeps a private key on the host computer, and a public key on other machines. The public key is generated by a mathematical algorithm that can only be de-crypted with the private key. As long as the private key is kept confidential use of the keys is secure. Continue reading “Passwordless login with SSH Keygen”

Filesystem and Directory size

Just a quick look at df and du. This comes up a lot when we have filesystems that are filling up and need to find out which directories or logs are using the space.

How to find the size of mounted filesystems

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Load Balancing with Nginx


Using Nginx as a load balancer

Nginx as you may know is a fast and powerful web server. It can also be used as a simple load balancer. Nginx makes load balancing for applications, web sites, and services between multiple servers fast and easy. Continue reading “Load Balancing with Nginx”