Linux File Server

linux-serverFile sharing is a critical business function for IT infrastructure. Using Samba we can create file shares that are highly available, secure, and accessible by all major operating system platforms (Windows, OS X, and Linux).

In this guide we will create a file share using Ubuntu 14.04. You can use either the Desktop or Server version of Ubuntu and the steps will be identical. We will create a file share for a group called Accounting. Continue reading “Linux File Server”

Media Server

Have you ever wanted to set up your own video streaming service on your home or work network? This simple guide will help you set up a media server using Ubuntu 14.04 and Plex. The setup for Plex on Ubuntu is incredibly easy and is a great way to back up your existing video, music and picture library in a way that will allow you to share the content with anyone on or off your network. Continue reading “Media Server”