Troubleshooting and the art of asking questions.

I attribute a lot of the success I have achieved in IT to my ability to communicate with customers, ask relevant questions in the troubleshooting process, and extract valuable information from those questions, without alienating or offending my customers. In fact done correctly you can make any customer interaction into a positive one. Continue reading “Troubleshooting and the art of asking questions.”

Ubuntu 14.04 Web Server

If you are developing websites or web applications one of the first things you are going to want to do is set up a development environment. This post will serve as a howto for setting up an Apache web server on Ubuntu 14.04.

We will be setting up the web server to run several websites so that you can easily separate your projects, and run multiple sites on the same system. This is known as a virtual host Continue reading “Ubuntu 14.04 Web Server”

Using PHP Include

What is PHP Include?

In website development, the include() method is a standard php function that allows a developer to insert files into a webpage.

For example a developer may wish to use an include()¬†as a way to display a navigation bar or a footer across multiple webpages without having to copy and paste the code into each new page. Another distinct advantage here is that you do not have to update each page in your site when making a change. Something that would be incredibly painful and error-prone to attempt by hand on any site with more than just a few pages. Continue reading “Using PHP Include”